This was one of the most special requests I have ever gotten because my baby sister was going to get married!

I had already made her engagement ring. But now it was time for her wedding jewelry.


Before the wedding


Jewelry for the wedding

She wanted earrings and a bracelet, and to fit her classical personality, we decided to make her a personalised variation of my freshwater pearl collection

Designing the jewelry with her wedding dress in mind, we decided to add more pearls to the earrings, and to keep the bracelet simpler with just two pearls. This complemented her timeless and chique dress and hairdo perfectly, and gave her overall look an elegant twist. And the fun thing is that she now wears the extra earring pearls on a necklace, so even a statement wedding piece can afterwards easily be transformed into an everyday, or more casual piece.

The wedding rings both have a half-round high gloss finish and are 18ct gold. For Rob, my brother in law, I have made a wider band as this tends to look better on a man's, usually bigger, hands. Sophie wears the high gloss ring next to her planished engagement ring, which gives a nice contrast.

At the wedding altar

And of course the best part of designing and making the wedding rings was that I was asked to bring them to the altar myself! I was the ring bearer and the witness that day, and from making the rings to bringing them to my sister on her wedding day, I have never felt more special being part of someone's story of love!   

The ring bearer Charlotte

Sophie and Robert after the wedding

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