These wedding rings were designed for Mark and Iris. They had planned a beautiful and very big wedding in the Ardennes, but unfortunately covid decided to change their plans.

They decided to get married anyway, and so they rented a saloon boat and sailed through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. What a lovely way to spend your magical day! 


Mark's ring has a very special look because I have matted the 18ct gold, and I have made it a lot wider than usual. This makes the ring look more robust and cool, which works great on a bigger, man's hand. 

Iris chose a very elegant and more narrow ring with tiny diamonds. At first she questioned how to place the three times three diamonds, but together we worked out how to achieve the best result. When looking at the ring from above, the diamonds are centered perfectly which ensures they catch the light at all times and sparkle like no other.

Mark and Iris were extremely happy with the rings and they have sent me the photo below saying: 'Look how good the rings look, we are so happy with how they have turned out. Thank you Charlotte!'

It was absolutely lovely working with Mark and Iris, and I wish them all the love and happiness in their marriage!





Mark and Iris at the wedding


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