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My Story


About me!

Hi there! So nice that you are here. I am Charlotte and this is my jewelry label. You can describe my label as a selection of high quality, timeless and elegant beauty for the modern woman. I am a creative person by heart and there’s nothing in the world I like doing more than creating new designs and making beautiful and sustainable jewelry. With so many jewelry out there I think it’s important that we fuse beautiful gemstones and recycled materials in every piece. These ingredients, combined with your own story, make these uniquely designed jewelry fun, fashionable and last a lifetime. The ability to help you in finding your style and create a unique design together, is something I love the most. That’s why I created the Bespoke possibility. This basically gives you the possibility to create a custom made piece, especially designed for you.

It hasn’t completely come out of the blue, in case you are wondering. Here’s a little background story. I come from a family of goldsmiths. I got inspired by my amazing aunt and uncle that are running a successful jewelry label for a long time now. When I am not working on my own label, I am working in their atelier. And that’s where it all began. As a little girl I got inspired by the beautiful things they do and knew I wanted to learn more. Later, after finishing my studies in Schoonhoven to become a Goldsmith, I started at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy where I graduated in 2014. From that moment I founded Charles Atelier, co-founded CharlieRose Jewelry (both not active anymore) and I worked on multiple on call projects before deciding to start my own label.

In 2016 I started Charlotte de Koomen jewelry and since then I have been working with a lot of fun, passion and excitement to get where I am today. And now we are here! Working from an amazing location in the heart of Amsterdam, meeting so many great people every day and being thankful for all the people that have helped me along the way and those that are still here to support me. Looking forward to what the future has to bring! Follow me on Instagram to keep an eye out on the things that I am doing, I’d love to keep you updated about my adventures to come!