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Pebble Stone Collection

Pebble Stones; stones that are naturally shaped through many years. Every stone is unique. They followed their own path which makes them beautiful and special, just the way they are. Charlotte de Koomen is fascinated about these perfect ways of how nature works. Being intrigued by the raw beauty and shapes of these pebbles, she wants to share this with others by making them into valuable pieces of jewelry that we can carry with us. To bring it together with elements like silver, gold and gemstones, each single piece of this collection is unique and shaped by nature.

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    Pebble stone earrings

    This pair of pebbles is made of sterling silver and has a diameter of 7 mm. It has a tough look and elegant size. It is a timeless piece and a beauty to wear on its own.
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    Pebble stone emerald sprinkle ring

    A true statement ring made of 14ct and 18ct yellow gold and set with 10 green emeralds. The combinations make this piece truly unique and one-of-a-kind. Thanks to its looks it is a timeless ring which is perfect to wear on special occasions. This ring will last a lifetime.
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    Pebble stone necklace small

    This small golden pebble stone necklace is made of 14ct and 18ct yellow gold or silver and has a diameter of 7 mm. The pebble stone has its own raw unique texture but the shape makes it a fine timeless beauty you'll keep in constant rotation. Perfect to wear alone for a simple statement or to mix and match with our other CdK jewelry necklaces.
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    Pebble stone ring small

    This small sterling Silver Ring is shaped in the form of a Pebble Stone. Thanks to the small size and the interesting form of the pebble, this ring is perfect for stacking. You can create an exceptional look to match this raw piece with an elegant gemstone ring from the Classic collection