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Hi you!

Looking for a special piece to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or any other milestone?
Looking for an engagement ring that will blow his/her mind away?
Looking for a unique piece for all the girls or guys in your squad to celebrate your friendship?
Grandma gave you a jewel but it’s not your style?
Or just looking for a kick ass one of a kind jewel for yourself?

What is ‘bespoke’?

Custom and hand-crafted fine jewelry made upon your request. Personalized and designed especially to match your wishes. Make it unique for you, your friend, your partner or any other loved one!

How does it work?

Enter the design process together with Charlotte and create a piece of jewelry just for you!

1. Get in touch!

Do you already have a design for your perfect piece in mind? Or, do you just want to know about the possibilities, tips and suggestions? Get in touch with Charlotte and talk this through together. Email or fill in the form below to make an appointment. Once your wishes are clear, the designing process can start!

2. Visit the atelier and choose the materials and the final design.

After finding out your desires Charlotte will get started and have some examples ready to review when you visit the atelier. It is always good to see the materials and stones before you decide on the final design. Once you think it’s perfect, she can get started!

3. Review quote and Confirm your order.

First, one more thing needs to be taken care of. In some cases we ask a 50% deposit on our Bespoke orders. We do this because it is not just any piece of jewelry. Charlotte will make this piece especially for you and no one else. This sometimes means special materials will need to be ordered. We will send you our invoice for 50% of the final amount. Once this is transferred she can get started. The other 50% is due on completion.

4. Jewelry in the making!

Yes, the time is almost there! Soon you can wear your beautiful piece of jewelry. Now it is just 2 – 4 more weeks to go depending on the project. Charlotte will get started in her atelier. If you like, follow the story of your piece on Instagram – we will dedicate a post to this special item! If it should stay a secret, let us know and of course we will wait with sharing :).

5. Collect your piece.

We will give you a call when it is ready! You can come pick it up or I can send it to you (if applicable delivery costs will be added to the bill).